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I’m too Excited to Code

I have a confession to make. I jumped ahead.

What was supposed to be a day that fully planned around Social Media Marketing, ended up being more web development. Coding. An interest I had for so long that I eagerly jumped the gun. As you might not know, Monthly Motive is all about dedicating a month to a new hobby & skill. May is the month of Digital Marketing but June will be all about that delicious CSS. That military-shaven HTML. An eager JavaScript.

So yes, I confess, I have digressed from my monthly test. But just for three hours! I swear, dear reader, it was only for three hours.

I did a three hour workshop at General Assembly London.

It was titled HTML & CSS 101. It’s a paid workshop, and the next workshop is on the 21st of June. Perfect thing to go to if you’re participating in June’s Monthly Motive to Web Develop *hint hint*! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed as you leave the class with a sense of pride and accomplishment! More importantly, you leave the session with a basic but beautiful (how I like my fashion) website index.

Now, it will look similar to everyone else’s in the class until you begin customising it and making it yours. Mine can be seen on my coding portfolio website titled kharo.uk. I promise, it’s a legit website that’s not stealing your data.

my web portfolio 1If you are nervous about visiting that link (it’s actually just my last name), then here‘s two lovely photographs! 

my web portfolio 2

Why I think it’s good to be excited.

So I get it. I’m writing as if it was the best thing ever and I learned how to code full-fledged websites and I can now go make money making multiple mediocre websites. However that’s not what I’m trying to say. Even though today’s one-hour skill was still reserved for digital marketing, it never hurts just trying something else for a change.

It’s good to be excited over something. It’s fresh and wonderful and you feel that smile form on your face whenever you do something new. And when you do it well, it’s all the more better.

So go ahead, learn a bit of code. Or go practice singing in the shower. That sounds great too.

That’s not all from today.

Today’s post was originally going to be about Social Media Marketing in regards to Instagram. I was going to write about how I implemented some growth techniques and used keyword research and all that fun stuff. But that doesn’t happen in a day really, not even two. But I’ll talk about it a bit more tomorrow.

If you’re interested in seeing my Instagram experiment unfold as it happens, click here. I also take some pretty neat photos, so stay for the content!

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