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Google Analytics from Me to You (A Guide for Beginners)

Before I explain, let me understand why you, valuable reader, are here. I’m assuming you clicked on this link due to the title (hopefully due to my newly found skills within SEO), and were curious to learn about Google Analytics. I’m also assuming you’re a beginner. I want to thank you for visiting. And I want to direct you to what this website is about, and who I am. Click here please. I’ll wait.

We’re back! Now today’s learning session was working on getting my Google Analytics Certification. Now the prep time probably takes around the day, but I split it into two evenings. I watched all the academy videos (which I recommend) and then I did a few practice tests which I found on Udemy (which I don’t recommend for the value). I honestly recommend signing up for the academy website and getting all that sweet, free content.

First Tip: Google Analytics has a Playground

Once you’ve started to watch the videos, they will eventually recommend you to try it yourself. You get access to their Google Merchandise Store account and can begin monitoring what people are doing on the site. What clothes people are looking at. Why did this user decide to leave the shopping cart and not proceed with their damn purchase and then leave!? Excuse me.

It’s honestly remarkable how much information you can access and see. It certainly gave me ideas when I was installing Google Analytics onto the Monthly Motive site that you’re currently on. Yes, you. I see you user ID: 743295.2394. You better share this content. Or else you’ll see re-targeted ads everywhere you go with my sad face wondering why you left.

Businesses don’t actually do that. Don’t worry about it.

My point is that even though you have access to free Google-taught classes on video, it’s also good to practice yourself. I find you learn more by doing. So go do!

Second Tip: Check out a Webinar, Seminar, Eminar, Manyimars

Whether it’s online or in-person, it’s good to have someone show you the ropes. That way if you do have questions, which honestly you will, you could ask a professional to help you out. I’d recommend General Assembly myself just because I’ve taken the course there, and an instructor by the name of Jill Quick does an excellent boot-camp (this is for the 30th of May but they usually have one every week) on Google Analytics.

Third Tip: Almost every business has it, but doesn’t understand it completely

It’s important to know what your customers are doing on your website. It helps to understand where there might be issues; if a certain mobile device can’t interact with an action on the page, or if people might be unclear on what you’re selling. It’s needed for business. And we all know how important business is. So many companies out there do have Google Analytics installed on their e-commerce sites, but they might not know what the numbers mean, what the graphs mean. How to organize specific views or how to create comparisons between new vs. old users!

There’s a lot of information, and I can only assume that the CEO of McDonalds doesn’t have time to sort out all of the analytical online side of things! And if Mr. Easterbrook does have the time, then fair. Fair enough.  But many others don’t. And they need people like me and you to help them out.

Those are my three quick tips. The reason I bring it up is because I received my Google Analytics certificate, and I’m very happy. But I know many other’s have it as well. It’s a hard truth but:

Digital Marketing has a severe flaw. Everyone can learn it.

Yes, boohoo to originality and being unique.

Digital Marketing is a broad, broad, platform and everyone can jump in. There’s something in it for everyone. The creatives got their content strategy and their copy-writing (where I came in), and the logical got their analytics and research planning. Some say the better marketers have an eye for both.

I’m quite stubborn but I always admit my weaknesses and strengths, although I tend to focus more on the former. That’s because I grew up with this mentality of second guessing himself. Maybe that’s why I’m so eager to learn because I need to prove to myself that I can do everything.

But this isn’t a therapeutical blog-post; it’s about Google Analytics.

left versus right brain digital marketing google analyticsWhy was that transition so weird you ask, well let me clarify. I’m more of a right-brain kind of guy. The creative and cool side. The side that helps justify that being unemployed was an artistic expression (those were the days…)! However when I decided to shift gears and focus on digital marketing, and more specifically the different avenues within the field, I was met with a dilemma I rarely face. Data. Information. Analytics. Graphs, charts, pies, and numbers.

This taught me something about myself. That although I want to learn everything at the quickest of speeds, I can’t. I have to take it slow.

So when I got the certification, albeit quickly and without paying for it, I was proud of myself. I did something I never thought I’d do. I’d play with analytical data. I went from writing stories about alcoholic wastelands (that’s a story for another time) to browsing the wastelands of my websites via Google Analytics! And I feel great.

Just because you’re doing one thing doesn’t mean you have to give up the other. And I’m proud to have both.

Good night and until tomorrow.

May is coming to an end. It has been officially deemed as the Month of Digital Marketing, even though I started very late. This project is still a newborn pup, and it’ll grow to become a month old in June, where I plan to dedicate it to Web Development.

I’m currently working as a freelancer within marketing, and so it’ll be interesting to see the challenges of learning one thing and working with another. It’s about time management. It’s also about dedication. And a bit of realistic realisation. Sorry, just practicing my HTML ;).

You can’t learn Google Analytics in an hour. So I’m sure I’ll be spending much more time with it. However, tomorrow’s one hour of learning will be dedicated to Social Media Marketing. I hope to get a little taste of Growth Marketing as well. Just a little taste. If you want to read more about what started all of this, click on ME!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see your user ID tomorrow.


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